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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

We were gonna play this but wimped out.


Saturday July 16th
What the Heck Fest
w/ All the Filthy Animals
@The Watertown (9PM-12AM)
Anacortes, WA

What-the-Heck-Fest is a world famous music festival that coincides with Anacortes Ship Wreck Festival. The festival runs Thursday the 14th through Saturday Nite. Fanny Alger will host a no holds barred freak show on Saturday the 17th at the Watertown. Bellingham's All the Filthy Animals (used to be called zero-9) will also be playing.

Knw-yr-own records will be releasing a compilation CD featuring many of the bands that are playing the festival. The CD will include a brand spanking new Fanny Alger recording of Quinn's Anacortes anthem called "The Brown Lantern".

You can check out the festival schedule @

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Saturday Aug 13 (Notice this is a new date!)
Stu Fest, @ The Sport's Keg
Burlington, WA
w/ Second Coming

This Everybody loves Stu and it's his birthday. Fanny Alger will play with Second Coming from Seattle in a huge outdoor beer garden in downtown Burlington. This show was originally scheduled for August 27th, but nobody could wait that long for all the fun. So, we bumped it up to the 13th.

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Saturday Aug 20 (Just Added!)
Flotsam Fair, on Guemes Island
w/ Tommy Tutone, Voodoo Spoon, and many more

Yeehaw... Fanny Alger is scheduled to play again with 80's pop legend Tommy Tutone... Yes, the same 867-5309 Tommy Tutone. Rumor has it that Tommy will sing a few songs with Fanny Alger like Folsom Prison Blues and the Gambler. Also, Fanny Alger board of director, Jon E Catt, will be playing drums in Tommy's band.

The festival will start early (noon i think) and run all day. The festival features poetry, local arts, crafts and 7 bands. You'll ride the Guemes Island ferry to get to this shin-dig... so check the ferry schedule and show up early.

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Coming in September
Oyster Run Weekend
@ The Brown Lantern in Anacortes

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